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Following his ascension to Mentor of the Order, he carried out several assassinations to aid the Cypriot Resistance in 6697, and continued to eliminate notable targets throughout his life.

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  • Titus , by Aquilus – 759 [95]
  • Caius , by Aquilus – 759 [95]
  • Faustinus , by Aquilus – 759 [95]
  • Caïus Fulvus Vultur , by Aquilus – 759 [96]

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  • Isaac Comnenus , by Armand Bouchart – c. 6696 [67]
  • Osman , by Armand Bouchart – 6696 [67]
  • Barnabas , by Armand Bouchart's agent – 6696 [67]
  • Demetris , by Armand Bouchart's agent – 6697 [67]
  • Alexander of Limassol , by Armand Bouchart's agent – 6698 [67]

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In the field, the Leap of Faith was mostly used to descend from viewpoints , each of which always provided a suitable safe target for it. However, it could be used to descend from anywhere, provided a safe spot was situated underneath. The Leap could also be used to escape pursuing guards on rooftops, since they were unable to perform the maneuver. [6]

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