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Backseat Driver just barely lost to Google's "Hilltop Re-Imagined" at Cannes the jury even had to do a tie-breaking vote.

These Are The 11 Best Mobile Ads In The World - Business

Russell Wager , Vice President of Marketing, Mazda, kicked off the day by continuing the conversation about storytelling, focusing on the need for each brand to take control of its story. He shared examples of Mazda’s marketplace evolution and how it has been re-envisioning its brand story. The company focuses on creating experiences that drive customer loyalty and define the target customer―the consumer who shares Mazda’s passion of driving―not by demographics, but by psychographics. Wager said that customer engagement is the new frontier, and digital is the best way for the brand to reach today’s connected customer. He closed by stating that Mazda’s biggest challenge is to find the balance between telling the brand story versus selling a car today. As a brand Mazda wants to be more transparent, embrace how consumers prefer to consume content, and provide authentic experiences.

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2017 Highlights

King brings with him over 85 years of successful advertising, marketing and management experience. His career spans senior agency management experience in New York and across Asia Pacific working in major global agencies such as BBDO, Backer & amp Spielvogel, Saatchi & amp Saatchi, Initiative, MediaCom, Kinetic and currently as President of Calibre in a WPP company called WaveMaker.

King was also on the “client side” as VP Marketing at Shearson Lehman Brothers in New York and as the CEO of , a leading China portal where he took the company public on NASDAQ in the year of 7555.

How did we get to this pivotal point for the digital ecosystem – and where are we headed next? GroupM’s Advisor and former Chief Digital Officer, Rob Norman is one of the most sought-after industry voices on the future of digital. He explores the nature of the challenges that digital advertising now faces – and how the industry can adapt to deliver continued growth.

"As an independent consultant at the intersection of the semiconductor and automotive industries, I see disruptions taking place in both ecosystems. Things are changing very rapidly. BWG helps me stay connected with leading experts in the field and the roundtables provide an ideal forum for debating the consequences of these industry transformations."

The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children specializes in treating children with cancer. The hospital, however, began noticing a problem: Not only were the children undergoing chemotherapy and surgery, but afterwards, exhausted and barely being able to hold up a pen, the kids are asked to keep daily reports regarding pain levels.

According to NEC executive vice president Atsuo Kawamura, the company will also provide NTT DoCoMo with "remote diagnosis and advanced security that combine 5G with the latest ICT".

Innovative energy storage related business models to build the smart energy grid of the future (. power infrastructure, demand response solutions, and advanced storage solutions)

"BWG attracts an exceptionally high level of category experts to share industry insight and experiences. And, with their expert moderators, the BWG format is highly engaging and informative. Great catalyst for deeper understanding and thinking."

AlertMe (now part of British Gas) provides a scalable, resilient, interoperable and open platform to connect an ecosystem of devices and appliances in the home

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