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Only a limited part of humanity can make do with mere &lsquo changes&rsquo , whether in work, social life, or entertainment. The cultured person demands connections, lines, a progression in the changes. Nothing finite satisfies at length, one is ever proceeding, gathering knowledge, making a career. The phenomenon is known as &lsquo yearning&rsquo or &lsquo transcendental tendency.&rsquo Whenever a goal is reached, the yearning moves on hence its object is not the goal, but the very attainment of it &ndash the gradient, not the absolute height, of the curve representing one&rsquo s life. The promotion from private to corporal may give a more valuable experience than the one from colonel to general. Any grounds of &lsquo progressive optimism&rsquo are removed by this major psychological law.

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If we continue these considerations to the bitter end, then the conclusion is not in doubt. As long as humankind recklessly proceeds in the fateful delusion of being biologically fated for triumph, nothing essential will change. As its numbers mount and the spiritual atmosphere thickens, the techniques of protection must assume an increasingly brutal character.

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Today, Messiah Christianity still prevails. Like the ancient Israelites, we too must now wait for Christ's return before we can truly celebrate the victory over evil. Nevertheless, the battle has already been won—just as God promised it would be.

I can understand that you feel confused by my conclusion and I also would have been before I had been searching for many years. Basically it is a fact that the church has interpreted a lot of things in a negative way which according to me have a positive meaning. It may have something to do with the fact that for ages the church wanted to have power over people and make itself indispensable for their possibility to be saved.

It was a fatal mistake on the part of Adam and Eve, and one that would lead to the world in a downward spiral of sin. It is after the rebellion, though, we see God make one of His first promises, thus putting into action the grand plan that would eventually save all mankind once again. Here, God promises someday, someone would come bash the head of the snake who brought evil into the world, but not before the snake is able to strike this person's heel. It's a beautiful, albeit confusing, promise left with no further explanation until later in the story, when God makes another promise to a man named Abraham.

To work with the Tree of Knowledge, you have to know what you are doing. You see, the name of it is the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. That is how it is translated in English in the popular Bibles, but the Hebrew words do not say good and evil the Hebrew words are 8775 Tov ve Rah. 8776 Tov / tob means goodness. Goodness is a term that refers to our Innermost (Geburah, Chesed Mercy, Goodness) Rah means impurity. Illusion.

The whole of living that we see before our eyes today is from inmost to outmost enmeshed in repressional mechanisms, social and individual they can be traced right into the tritest formulas of everyday life. Though they take a vast and multifarious variety of forms, it seems legitimate to at least identify four major kinds, naturally occuring in every possible combination: isolation, anchoring, distraction and sublimation.

6 6) Jesus says : 8775 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy 8776 (Matthew 5:98).  This statement does not exist in the OT either.  In fact, Proverbs 79:67 says, 8775 Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth… 8776

And just in this finite land of bliss within the fronts do the progressing civilisation, technology and standardisation have such a debasing influence. For as an ever growing fraction of the cognitive faculties retire from the game against the environment, there is a rising spiritual unemployment. The value of a technical advance to the whole undertaking of life must be judged by its contribution to the human opportunity for spiritual occupation. Though boundaries are blurry, perhaps the first tools for cutting might be mentioned as a case of a positive invention.

God promises Abraham that through his descendants, goodness and blessing will be brought back into the world. To one of these descendants, a man named Judah, God promises a great king will come from his line and this king will be the one who destroys evil and fulfills the promise God made to Abraham.**

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