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Feliz 2017 – Hermandad del Refugio | Zaragoza

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We 8767 ve been able to buy the necessary stuff, and what 8767 s left, we will buy in time. But we are so happy that we are ready to sleep on the floor. We love it so much.))))

Top 10 favorite books! | Cristina Gheiceanu

7. 8775 Rich Dad, Poor Dad 8776 by Robert T. Kiyosaki I think, you 8767 ve heard of it a lot. It 8767 s the book I read, when I 8767 m uncertain or I 8767 m afraid to take an important step. It gave me courage so many times. It is a book about financial education, very simple one and what is good about it, is that, it has many examples. So it 8767 s not boring at all! The author demonstrates here why some people can not become financially independent, so they are always employees.

Infirmiera SUGATOARE din spitalul Calarasi | Redtube Free

Khaleid Hosseini am citit tot,vezi şi filmul pe baza cartii The kite din lista ta e noua pu mine,o voi gasi..Eu acum citesc Hygge-danish art of contentment!🌟🍀

9. 8775 A Thousand Splendid Suns, 8776 by Khaled Hosseini I like those books, which, besides an interesting story, bring a drop of general culture. So, this book greets us in Afghanistan. More specifically, we meet two women who have had the misfortune to be born in a country where WOMEN are worthless. We will cry with them, we will want to make them justice and we will fight for a change, along with them. A gorgeous book, which I strongly recommend, but arm yourself with napkins.

6. 8775 The Thorn Birds 8776 by Colleen McCullough Why do I put it first? Because it is the book that made me fall in love with reading. I found it on a dusty shelf, in my grandmother 8767 s house. I was still in school. I read a few pages out of curiosity and since then, I could not leave it from my hands. I 8767 ve lived every page, along with it 8767 s heroes. It 8767 s about a little girl named Megan, who learns about menstruation from a priest, who then falls in love with her. A beautiful story, about a forbidden love.

And because I do not have to read so much grammar now, I 8767 ve made time for my beloved books again. I like to read, especially if I have an interesting book.

Si cu franceza deja e mult mai bine. Inteleg aproape tot, mai greu cu vorbitul. Stiu ca inca fac greseli, dar de accentul meu nici nu vorbesc. Imi vine singura sa rad de mine.)))

Buna, Cristina. Fiind şi eu o împătimită a cititului, ţin să remarc faptul că m-a surprins plăcut când am regăsit una din cărţile mele preferate, “Cantatoarele din maracini” de Colleen McCullough, în lista ta. E o carte pe care am recitit-o de câteva ori şi de fiecare dată m-a impresionat în mod diferit.))))) Asadar, cred că lista pe care ti-o recomand mai jos ar putea să te impresioneze şi pe tine la fel de mult:
6. Să ucizi o pasăre cântătoare, de Harper Lee
-Ami, de Guz de Maupassant
, de Mircea Eliade
9. Invitaţie la vals, de ş
5. Femeie de treizeci de ani, de Honore de Balzac
6. Spioana, Paulo Coehlo
7. Rusoaica, de Gib Mihăiescu
cine bat clopotele, Hernest Hemingway.

Hello, my dear ones! Today, is a big day in our family. Finally, we move into our new apartment. Hehe don 8767 t imagine that we have bought it. We, like all Europeans, pay rent.)) But I 8767 m sure one day, we will have our own apartment here, but for that, we have to work a lot.)))

Draga mea, da si eu am plans binisor la aceasta carte. )) Ooo am vazut ca scrii bine in limba rusa. Mie imi e un pic greu sa citesc in rusa, pentru ca citesc cu viteza melcului.))) Desi, aici in Elvetia limba rusa e foarte intrebata. Asa ca, e bine cand stii cat mai multe limbi. Nici nu stii de unde sare norocul. 8 O saptamana superba sa ai, draga mea prietena 8

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